It has taken me much longer than expected to share this event with you, but May and June were two crazy busy months and I’ve just returned from a much needed two week break! But better late than never right?

I’m overwhelmingly proud of this event which took place back in May in the stunning Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. About two years ago, myself and the team in Davis Events pitched this concept to Dropbox for their Christmas Party. Unfortunately, we lost the pitch to another agency that year but were told by the client that they loved the theme and they hoped to use it for another event. True to their word, they knocked on our door when opportunity presented itself and we finally delivered ‘Pandamonium’ to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Having worked with Dropbox before on numerous projects, we knew that their internal company mascot was the panda. I noticed one day while at a meeting in their office that loads of their employees had panda teddy bears on their desks, and so Pandamonium was born! This event was a real passion project, and what’s really special to me about this event is that the Pandamonium concept was not only used here in Dublin, but also executed across ALL their European Middle East and Africa offices, and even their Sydney office! #ProudMoment

The concept for the event was simply a black and white masquerade ball.

Pandamonium Mood Board

I’ve always been a stickler for attention to detail and so the black and white theme needed to be evident across every touch point of the event, from the invitations, to the food, the furniture and of course the decór. I previously featured a post on the ‘please inflate and save the date’ invitation which you can see here!

The venue provided a beautiful gothic backdrop with exposed brick walls, so to create a nice juxtaposition, the event design was clean and modern with lots of LED lighting to make the space pop against all the black and white.

Smock Alley Theatre Banquet Hall
Event Design

All the furniture was black and white including sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, pod tables and the dance floor. The bar and DJ booth were white perspex lit from within using LED lights. Both the bar and the DJ booth were branded with the Pandamonium event identity icon. We used an array of 3ft paddle balloons in black, white and clear with tassels of gold, silver and black to add an extra dimensions to the event design. Smaller balloons with the event identity logo were also dotted around the venue.

Upon arrival to the venue, guests were greeted by two Panda mascots dressed in formal wear who handed guests a glass of blackberry prosecco. As guests filtered in, the DJ spun some great tunes on the decks.

The black and white theme was carried through into the food. It was surprisingly hard to think of black and white foods so we had to get creative! As the panda originates from China, we also wanted to put an asian spin on the food offering, so we served salmon sushi rolls to start (yes I know that’s Japanese), followed by dinner bowls of chicken curry, truffle risotto and fish and chip cones. For dessert, we served black and white marshmallows, cupcakes and brought out a special birthday cake to mark the 10th anniversary celebrations!

The live entertainment featured Ireland’s award-winning dance troupe called XOD who donned the panda heads and stormed the venue to perform a high-energy routine that had everyone dancing! They encouraged audience participation by teaching guests some fun moves before finishing with a conga-line around the venue! After this, the event really kicked off with an awesome DJ spinning the decks until late!

It’s such an amazing feeling seeing all your ideas come to fruition, it’s what I love the most about this job! A HUGE thanks to my right hand Michelle, and Sarah for helping make this event amazing! And of course to Jonathan, Maria and Paul for believing in our ideas and allowing us to bring this idea to life!

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!



‘The Dropped Box’ A Pub Themed St. Patrick’s Party!

The Dropped Box was one of my favourite theme events I put together this year!

I’ve written before about St. Patrick’s Day (read here) and how I feel it often misrepresents Ireland and how the commercialism of the holiday is cheap and tacky. So when I received the brief for this event, I really wanted to bring the true essence of Ireland to life!

The brief was to deliver a St. Patrick’s Day celebration for Dropbox and their 200+ employees in their Dublin offices. Here’s what we delivered…

The Event Identity

The concept we pitched was a Traditional Irish Pub theme called ‘The Dropped Box’, a play on the name Dropbox! Sophie, our talented designer, created the below event identity which was used across pre-event promotion, beer mats and backdrops!

Irish Pub Themed Event Identity
Event Identity Design

Theming & Decorations

The office was totally transformed into an old Irish pub using authentic Irish furniture, props and warm ambient lighting.

Irish Themed Stage Set up
Stage Set-up
Whiskey Barrels and Stage Set-up

Props such as whiskey barrels, bottles, crates, wagon wheels, milk churns and old bicycles were carefully placed across the venue. Uplighting in hues of green were used to light the stage and warm orange lighting was used across the remainder of the venue to create a cosy pub atmosphere! Finally, we designed and produced bespoke beer mats and tent cards with fun facts about Ireland on each one.

Food & Drink

Guest could indulge in a fun, authentic Irish food buffet with local favourites such as Tayto crisp sandwiches, chicken fillet rolls and Guinness glazed ribs! Bottled beer was self-serve from an Molly Malone style cart.


Entertainment for the evening consisted of a potato peeling contest, a Guinness pint pulling experience, beer pong, a live trad band with sean nós dancer and bodhrán player and board games such as scrabble, operation and jenga!

Hipster Bar Tenders
Guinness Pint Pulling Experience

Please leave a comment with your feedback, would love to hear your thoughts! x

Please Inflate and Save the Date!

I’ve been dying to try this ‘please inflate and save the date’ invitation idea for ages, so I was delighted when my client loved the idea during a recent pitch! Admittedly, this idea was robbed from the talented people of Pinterest, but they do say ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’, at least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself!

The concept is simple, each ‘save the date’ invitation contained a card with a balloon fixed to the inside. Inflate the balloon to reveal the event name and date!

The theme for this event was ‘Pandamonium’, a black and white theme to celebrate a clients 10th company anniversary. Personally, I was pretty happy with the outcome, but leave a comment and let me know what you think! X


Cosy up and snuggle down! 4 themes for hosting a hygge inspired party

Before we begin, I want to make one thing clear, I am by no means an expert on “hygge”. I can barely pronounce the word and despite being 6ft tall, I’m definitely not Danish! I am however, slightly obsessed with the concept of hygge AND I’m a dab hand at planning events! So all things considered, I’ve compiled some ideas inspired by the ‘Danish art of happiness’ for you try at home with friends!

For those of you who don’t already know about hygge {hoog-ya}, it’s a Danish concept and way of life that roughly translated into English means ‘cosiness’. Although there’s no direct translation, my take on hygge is similar to that of a bear in hibernation; creating a warm, comfortable and cosy environment where you can relax and get through the harsh winter! 

The Little Book of Hygge I was first introduced to the concept of hygge back in November by my roommate Eimear.
When she described Hygge to me, which at the time we were both pronouncing as ‘higgy’ (wrong!), it described all the things I love about winter; staying-in, hot toddies, candles, hearty food and snuggling up with a blanket and a good book! 

Since first learning about hygge, I’ve become a serious advocate of it! For my birthday, Eimear bought me The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and my Dad got me a jigsaw puzzle so I could practice being more hyggeligt!  The book talks about all things the Danes associate with hygge. so before you start planning that party, here’s a list of essentials! 

Hygge Essentials
  • Candles, candles and more candles!
  • Warm blankets
  • A knitted jumper and cosy socks
  • A variation of lamps and mood lighting
  • A choice of hot drinks

1. Fondue Night

This is a fun retro twist on a classic wine and cheese night. Whether it’s chocolate or cheese fondue, you pick the poison! Personally, I would be opting for the chocolate fondue, but I know the vast majority of my friends would be on team cheese! There’s really no limit on the number of things you can dip into a fondue!

2. Games Night

Gather the gang together for an epic games night! I’ve always loved games like Trivial Pursuit, Articulate, and charades but if you’re a bit more competitive and willing to fall out with friends, then there’s always poker or Monopoly! If you wanna impress your guests, make place name cards out of wooden scrabble pieces, or incorporate things like playing cards into your decor! If you’re not willing to put in ANY effort, you can always head to your local pub that keeps games! Conway’s in Blackrock is my favourite as they have a roaring fire, loads of games and very few sports screens!

3. Coffee Morning

It’s safe to say that brunch is still a firm favourite amongst my friends, but recently I’ve been charged upwards of €4 for a cappuccino, €6 for an ice coffee and €14 for an Irish breakfast- complete daylight robbery if you ask me!
Delicious soul food such as pancakes, french toast, and porridge are so cheap and easy to make that it would be so fun to host your friends over a coffee morning where you can snuggle-up, eat food and drink coffee to your hearts content (and not be interrupted by some snooty waitress requesting the table back for the next seating!)

Hygge: Coffee Morning

4. Book Club

It’s only the start of February and already I’ve read two great books this year. There’s no better feeling than turning the last page of a great book, so I love the idea of starting up a book club! I’m just not sure whether I could convince my friends to join me!


An Enchanted Evening at the Hilton Garden Inn

For the past couple of months myself and the team have been working on an exciting project with the Jurys Hotel group in Dublin. The popular hotel, located on Custom House Quay, has recently undergone a refurbishment and has been rebranded under the new name Hilton Garden Inn.

As part of the rebrand, the hotel group wanted to throw an exciting launch event to showcase the property to over 150 exclusive guests, clients and media.

Davis Events were tasked with delivering a unique themed event that would WOW guests at every turn! Last Thursday, all our ideas and hard work finally came to fruition and I’m excited to share with you what we delivered…

An Enchanted Garden

The original brief was to deliver a Garden Party theme event, in keeping with the Hilton Garden Inn name. When I read the brief, I knew this was a pitch we had to win! We decided to take our creative response a step further and proposed an Enchanted Garden theme for the event.

I know an Enchanted Garden isn’t the most unique or original idea in the world, but the potential was there and we really sold the idea to the client! We would transform the venue into a colourful and magical place filled with tiny creatures, blossoming flowers and unique entertainment for the guests!


As guests arrived into the venue, they were met by our stunning forest fairies! These gorgeous girls had their make-up done by the talented Ruth from L.A Make-up Academy! Guests received an ice-cold glass of bubbly before they were led down our grassy green entrance-way, subtly lit by hurricane lanterns and draped with bunches of morning glory flowers.

Venue Dressing and decòr

To give the garden a truly enchanted feel, we removed all natural light by installing black star-cloth drape into all the window bays, and lit the venue in hues of pink, purple and turquoise.

At every twist and turn there was magic in the garden; tiny creatures, butterflies, birds, statues, flowers and foliage! I especially loved the golden birdcages and the gold iridescent pod tables wrapped with ivy!

Ice sculpture

The pièce de résistance was a giant basket of flowers made entirely from ice and filled using a fresh floral arrangement from the incredibly talented team in Appassionata! I was absolutely delighted how this turned out, although my photos don’t really do it justice!


In keeping with the theme, an interactive Enchanted Mirror took full length photos of guests and printed them on-site as a keep sake! A Live DJ and Saxophone duo played smooth house music while an illustrator curated beautiful portraits of our guests!

The four seasons

The final part of the event that we curated was the decorative food displays. The theme for the food was The Four Seasons; spring, summer, autumn & winter!
The venue managed the food themselves, so I can’t take credit for that!

I can however, take credit for the beautiful food displays you see below! For spring we used terracotta pots with springtime flowers, pink gingham table cloths and artificial grass. For summer, we used bright and bold flowers such as hot pink, orange, yellow and green in a pineapple vase surrounded with banana leaves.
For Autumn, we used earthy tones and textures such as wooden crates, pinecones, autumn leaves, apples and pumpkin floral centre pieces (this was my favourite display by far)!
Finally, for winter we used pillar candles in a glass vase with a wreath of festive greenery, red berries, cinnamon and frosted branches to create a crisp, cold winter feel!


This was such a fun event to work on! Thanks for Hilton Garden Inn for believing in our ideas! And thanks to Michelle and Jenny for helping bring this all together!

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!

Nikki  x

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String…

From a young age, I’ve always shown an interest in arts and crafts. As a child, most summers would be spent at art camps like Pine Forest and art was definitely my favourite subject in school (until they brought in art history, then the love affair turned sour).

Fast forward twenty years, and my passion for arts and crafts is as strong now as it was back then! Let’s not be mistaken, I am by no means ‘talented’ but those closest to me (specifically those who have lived or worked with me) will tell you that I have an obsession with buying cute crafty things and get very excitable about the little details when it comes to planning events!

That’s why I wanted to write this post, I find it fascinating how you can take something as plain and simple as brown paper and fashion it into something with an entirely different purpose.

The obvious benefit of getting crafty, apart from making an impression on your guests, is saving money as materials are typically inexpensive. The real difficulty, and this is where I struggle, is finding the time to do it. That is why I love websites like Etsy, because so many people (far more talented than I) have made a living by creating bespoke paper products that the high street stores just can’t compete with!

If I were to retire tomorrow, I would live a very happy life creating cute things out of brown paper and selling them on Etsy! But seeing as that’s not going to happen, I’m just going to share some cute ideas and creative uses for brown paper below!

Luggage Labels

Three unique ways of displaying menus using brown paper bags, sheet paper and brown card.

Table Plans

Because let’s face it- the ones hotels supply just won’t cut it anymore!

Pops of Neon

Brown paper is so plain, simple and elegant that a pop of neon adds a bold, playful touch!

Wrapping Fresh Flowers

The perfect alternative to cellophane, pairing fresh blooms with brown paper creates a rustic, ‘fresh from the farmers market’ feel!

Snack Bags

Whether you’re serving canapés, giving edible wedding favours or doing something new like these ‘midnight snack’ bags, be sure to serve them in brown paper packages! Add a personalised touch with branded stick-on labels.

Really the possibilities are endless…

Cutlery packs, bunting, confetti cones and wrapping paper, there’s really no limit to what you can do with brown paper!

For more, follow my board on Pinterest!

Love Miss Eventure x

Rustic Gold Table Dressing

Last Wednesday, our team was tasked with pulling together a last minute gala dinner for a group of 80 professional and amateur golfers following a major tournament. As the client was international, the brief was to create an authentic Irish theme using furniture and table dressing. Needless to say, this was right up my street!
With only two days to pull this together, our team jumped in head first and pulled this out of the bag! Here’s what we delivered:

Center Pieces 

For the centre pieces, our florist created these bespoke displays using wild Irish flowers in mini milk-bottles and metal bottle holder

Table Numbers

For the table numbers, we specially designed these using a grey leafy pattern and (to add a bit of class) spelt out the numbers in a dark green colour

Tables Dressing

For dressing the tables, I used white full-length table cloths with burlap table toppers, paired with antique gold chivari chairs with cream seat pads, gold rimmed charger plates and tea lights

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Love MissEventure x

Summer Garden Party

To say the past few weeks have been hectic would be a massive understatement! Between work, events, parties and keeping fit, it’s been all systems go and there’s no sign of things slowing down either!

In less than two weeks, I’ll be flying to the UK to watch my only brother say his vows to the beautiful Nancy! They’ve put so much thought into their wedding that I will definitely do a post afterwards, so watch this space! But for today, I wanted to share some photos of what I’ve been up to the past fortnight!

Last Saturday night, I was helping my boss with his 25th Anniversary party at his house in Co. Kildare. The theme we came up with was a simple Summer Garden Party (see Pinterest mood board here). My role was to recreate a ‘S’mores Station’ similar to one we previously used for a clients’ corporate summer party. S’mores (they call them s’mores because you always want some more) are basically a campfire treat comprised of roasted marshmallows, chocolate and digestives (traditionally Graham Crackers but they don’t sell those in Ireland, so digestives are the next best thing!)

S'mores station with chalkboard, wooden crates, jars and ivy
Photo Credit: Allen Keily

To create the s’mores station, I used a square table with red gingham table cloth, two wooden crates, an ivy garland and old Kilner jars with chalkboard labels to store the marshmallows, chocolate and digestives. Using an old chalkboard, I wrote some easy instructions for guests so they understood how the s’mores worked! (Confession time: I had never tasted a s’more before last Saturday night, they are AMAZING!)

To transform the rest of the garden, we used galvanised buckets and wheelbarrows to create ‘beer baths’ filled with bottled beer and ice! We placed hay bales around the garden for seating and hung colourful Chinese-style lanterns and festoons around the garden to create an ambient atmosphere for when it got dark.

The Garden Party set up
The Garden Party set up

It was really fun to get involved and big congrats to my boss Paul and his lovely wife Carol on 25 years together! Here’s some more photos of the set-up!



10 Best Event Stores on Etsy

I’m having a bit of a love affair with Etsy at the moment!
I logged on last week in the search of a new iPhone cover, instead I found myself scrolling through so many wonderfully creative, quirky and hand-crafted items for events of all shapes and sizes! So I decided to compile my top 10 Etsy shops for all your party and events needs!

Although most of the shops listed below are targeting brides, mums and mums-to-be, there are so many ideas that could translate to a corporate event, theme event, fashion show, birthday or any occasion for that matter!

If you see something you like, click the photo to visit the store!

1. Little indie studio

Little Indie Studio make stunning hand crafted stationary for weddings and events. Her style is very vintage, using mostly brown paper, twine and doily’s to create custom wedding invites, luggage labels, paper straws and various other items. Ships worldwide from UK.

Vintage Straws with 'Drink Me' tag from Little Indie Studios
Vintage Straws with ‘Drink Me’ tag from Little Indie Studios
Vintage Luggage Label from Little Indie Studio
Vintage Luggage Label from Little Indie Studio

2. Gen Woo

I’ve been following Gen Woo on Instagram for a few months now. It’s gorgeous garlands galore! The one thing I love about Gen Woo is the colour schemes she puts together and the mix of materials she uses on the garlands! Ships worldwide from Canada.

Beautiful Garlands from Gen Woo Crafts!
Beautiful Garlands from Gen Woo Crafts!
Gorgeous Garland in soft mint, pink with foil.
Gorgeous Garland in soft mint, pink with foil.
Garland in Autumn 'Harvest' Colours
Garland in Autumn ‘Harvest’ Colours

3. Modern Zebra Design

Modern Zebra Design specialise in custom stickers, favours and boxes for weddings and events. I love these cute and creative favour ideas below! Ships worldwide from US.

S'More Love- Little S'more favours with custom label by Modern Zebra Design
S’More Love- Little S’more favours with custom label by Modern Zebra Design
'Love is Brewing' custom made labels by Modern Zebra
‘Love is Brewing’ custom made labels by Modern Zebra Design
Love is Poppin'! Custom popcorn favour boxes!
Love is Poppin’! Custom popcorn favour boxes!

4. Revel & Co.

Revel and Co create handmade balloons, napkins, straws, wrapping paper and coasters with quirky patterns and silhouettes such as flamingos, pineapples and cacti. Personally, I’m having a bit of a ‘flamingo moment’, so I had to include these in the mix! Ships worldwide from US.

Pink & White Flamingo Napkins from Revel & Co.
Pink & White Flamingo Wrapping Paper from Revel & Co.
Pink Flamingo Balloons from Revel & Co.
Pink Flamingo Balloons from Revel & Co.
Cactus Ballon from Revel & Co.
Cactus Ballon from Revel & Co.

5. BeCollective

Be Collective specialise in creating little handmade bags, pouches and tags for ‘Hangover Kits’ and ‘Oh Sh*t Kits’! These are gas! I certainly know a few clients who would appreciate these the morning after an event! I don’t think Be Collective provide the fillers, but they certainly provide some great ideas including Tic Tacs, paracetamol and bloody Mary’s! Ships worldwide from US.

Handmade #Hungover Pouches from BeCollective
Handmade #Hungover Pouches from BeCollective
Handmade 'Oh Shit Kit' pouches from Be Collective
Handmade ‘Oh Shit Kit’ pouches from Be Collective

6. Buttercup Blossom

Buttercup Blossom offer a wealth of party supplies from balloons, confetti and temporary tattoos to more personalised items such as handmade letters and gift bags. Definitely worth checking out! Ships worldwide from US.

Handmade Confetti from Buttercup Blossom
Handmade Confetti from Buttercup Blossom
Custom Made Letters from Buttercup Blossom
Custom Made Letters from Buttercup Blossom

7. Perfectionate

Perfectionate produce handmade felt props for photo booths! They come in all sorts of themes such as Disney princess, Harry Potter, Murder Mystery and are made specifically to order! Ships to Ireland from United States.

Handmade Photo Booth Props by Perfectionate
Handmade Photo Booth Props by Perfectionate
Handmade Watermelon Prop by Perfectionate
Handmade Watermelon Prop by Perfectionate

8. Lola’s Confetti Shop

Custom made confetti! Lola’s Confetti Shop offers a unique blend of confetti taylor made for weddings, photoshoots and gender reveals! They also offer a gorgeous range of confetti balloon bouquets in various colours! Ships worldwide from US.

Lola's Confetti! Beautifully packaged!
Lola’s Confetti! Beautifully packaged!
Pink and Gold Balloon Bouquet from Lola's Confetti Shop!
Pink and Gold Balloon Bouquet from Lola’s Confetti Shop!

9. Hue Complete Me

I couldn’t post this without including some homegrown Irish talent! Hue Complete Me create these beautifully designed greeting cards for all occasions! I particularly enjoy the ‘Thanks a Million’ one! Ships worldwide from Ireland.

'Thanks a Million' greeting cards by Hue Complete Me
‘Thanks a Million’ greeting cards by Hue Complete Me
Handmade 'Hello' greeting card by Hue Complete Me
Handmade ‘Hello’ greeting card by Hue Complete Me

10. Lead Balloons UK

Funny shop name, even funnier products! These pessimistic balloons from Lead Balloons UK are available with all sorts of crude, rude and abusive messages! Ships worldwide from UK.

Hilarious Pessimistic Balloons from Lead Balloons UK!
Hilarious Pessimistic Balloons from Lead Balloons UK!