A Truly Irish St. Patrick’s Day

With less than 10 days to go until St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to do a Paddy’s Day mood board with a twist. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing the way the world embraces a celebration of our little nation, but I hate the way in which it’s perceived as a place where leprechauns live, everyone’s drunk on Guinness and the food we eat is dyed green.

As a child, I remember my Mum and brother scheming in the kitchen about what foods they could dye green for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day and a short while later being served chicken curry with bright green rice and a glass of bright green Fanta. Needless to say, I went to bed hungry that night.

But what’s more, as I was browsing Pinterest and blogs for content, the same things kept appearing; rainbows, the colour green, pots of gold, shamrocks, green food and Guinness. That’s certainly not the Ireland I know and love (except maybe the Guinness)!

So for my St. Patrick’s Day inspired mood board, I’m sticking by what I know to be true. Here’s my list of tips and tricks for creating a truly Irish St. Patrick’s Day party!

  1. The colours of the Irish flag are green, white and gold, so try and use all three colours when designing your event decòr. Touches of gold such as candles, vases, table cloths will create a sophisticated feel to your event!
  2. Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle, so instead of sticking to the bright green colour usually associated with St. Patrick’s Day, use various tones such as emerald or mint as they’re far more tasteful.
  3. Poitín is an Irish spirit, similar to moonshine! It’s quite hard hitting on its own but goes great in cocktails! Serve guests poitín cocktails as a welcome drink on arrival, or mini bottles as a party favour!
  4. When using florals or centrepieces, keep it simple and stick to using very earthy tones. Baby’s breath, combined with burlap or twine just screams rural Ireland to me!
  5. When considering catering, don’t disgust your guests by added green food colouring! Instead, use natural flavours such as mint, lime or pistachio. Incorporate Guinness into your recipes such as chocolate Guinness cake or beef and Guinness stew! Or simply garnish your food with fresh shamrocks for an elegant touch!
  6. Despite popular belief, the shamrock isn’t the symbol of Ireland, it’s actually the harp! So have harp music playing in the background, or if budget allows, have a harpist play live music during the drinks reception.

So there you have it, an posh Paddy’s day! Who would have thought possible?







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