Cosy up and snuggle down! 4 themes for hosting a hygge inspired party

Before we begin, I want to make one thing clear, I am by no means an expert on “hygge”. I can barely pronounce the word and despite being 6ft tall, I’m definitely not Danish! I am however, slightly obsessed with the concept of hygge AND I’m a dab hand at planning events! So all things considered, I’ve compiled some ideas inspired by the ‘Danish art of happiness’ for you try at home with friends!

For those of you who don’t already know about hygge {hoog-ya}, it’s a Danish concept and way of life that roughly translated into English means ‘cosiness’. Although there’s no direct translation, my take on hygge is similar to that of a bear in hibernation; creating a warm, comfortable and cosy environment where you can relax and get through the harsh winter! 

The Little Book of Hygge I was first introduced to the concept of hygge back in November by my roommate Eimear.
When she described Hygge to me, which at the time we were both pronouncing as ‘higgy’ (wrong!), it described all the things I love about winter; staying-in, hot toddies, candles, hearty food and snuggling up with a blanket and a good book! 

Since first learning about hygge, I’ve become a serious advocate of it! For my birthday, Eimear bought me The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and my Dad got me a jigsaw puzzle so I could practice being more hyggeligt!  The book talks about all things the Danes associate with hygge. so before you start planning that party, here’s a list of essentials! 

Hygge Essentials
  • Candles, candles and more candles!
  • Warm blankets
  • A knitted jumper and cosy socks
  • A variation of lamps and mood lighting
  • A choice of hot drinks

1. Fondue Night

This is a fun retro twist on a classic wine and cheese night. Whether it’s chocolate or cheese fondue, you pick the poison! Personally, I would be opting for the chocolate fondue, but I know the vast majority of my friends would be on team cheese! There’s really no limit on the number of things you can dip into a fondue!

2. Games Night

Gather the gang together for an epic games night! I’ve always loved games like Trivial Pursuit, Articulate, and charades but if you’re a bit more competitive and willing to fall out with friends, then there’s always poker or Monopoly! If you wanna impress your guests, make place name cards out of wooden scrabble pieces, or incorporate things like playing cards into your decor! If you’re not willing to put in ANY effort, you can always head to your local pub that keeps games! Conway’s in Blackrock is my favourite as they have a roaring fire, loads of games and very few sports screens!

3. Coffee Morning

It’s safe to say that brunch is still a firm favourite amongst my friends, but recently I’ve been charged upwards of €4 for a cappuccino, €6 for an ice coffee and €14 for an Irish breakfast- complete daylight robbery if you ask me!
Delicious soul food such as pancakes, french toast, and porridge are so cheap and easy to make that it would be so fun to host your friends over a coffee morning where you can snuggle-up, eat food and drink coffee to your hearts content (and not be interrupted by some snooty waitress requesting the table back for the next seating!)

Hygge: Coffee Morning

4. Book Club

It’s only the start of February and already I’ve read two great books this year. There’s no better feeling than turning the last page of a great book, so I love the idea of starting up a book club! I’m just not sure whether I could convince my friends to join me!